Angela Elwell Hunt Books In Order | Full List 2024

Angela Elwell Hunt is a prolific author known for her engaging and thought-provoking novels that explore themes of faith, love, and redemption. She has written over 180 books across various genres, including historical fiction, contemporary romance, and children’s literature. With a talent for creating compelling characters and captivating storylines, Hunt has earned a dedicated following of readers around the world. Her diverse body of work showcases her versatility and creativity as an author.

Angela Elwell Hunt Books in Order

  1. The Tale of Three Trees
  2. Esther: Royal Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #1)
  3. The Note
  4. Doesn’t She Look Natural (Fairlawn, #1)
  5. Egypt’s Sister: A Novel of Cleopatra (The Silent Years, #1)
  6. Daughter of Cana (Jerusalem Road, #1)
  7. Roanoke: The Lost Colony (Keepers of the Ring, #1)
  8. Judah’s Wife (The Silent Years, #2)
  9. Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #2)
  10. The Debt

Synopsis of Angela Elwell Hunt Books in Order

The Tale of Three Trees

“The Tale of Three Trees” by Angela Elwell Hunt is a classic folktale about three trees with big dreams. The first tree dreams of becoming a beautifully carved treasure chest, the second tree wants to be a strong sailing ship, and the third tree hopes to grow to be the tallest tree in the forest. However, their destinies turn out to be very different from what they had originally imagined.

As the story unfolds, the first tree is made into a manger for a newborn baby, the second tree is turned into a simple fishing boat, and the third tree is cut down and left in a forgotten pile of lumber. Through a series of events, each tree ultimately plays a crucial role in the life of Jesus Christ. Their original dreams are fulfilled in unexpected and meaningful ways, demonstrating the power of faith and the importance of embracing the path that life takes us on.

“The Tale of Three Trees” is a heartwarming story that teaches valuable lessons about patience, faith, and the importance of trusting in a higher purpose. Through the experiences of the three trees, readers are reminded that life may not always turn out as planned, but there is often a greater plan at work that leads to fulfilling and meaningful outcomes.

Esther: Royal Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #1)

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The Note

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Doesn’t She Look Natural (Fairlawn, #1)

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Egypt’s Sister: A Novel of Cleopatra (The Silent Years, #1)

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Daughter of Cana (Jerusalem Road, #1)

“Daughter of Cana” by Angela Elwell Hunt is the first book in the Jerusalem Road series. The story is set in a small village in Cana, where a young couple, Abigail and Micah, are struggling to make ends meet. When a mysterious rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, enters their lives, their world is turned upside down. As they witness Jesus’ miracles and teachings, they begin to question their own beliefs and values.

The novel explores Abigail’s personal journey as she grapples with her faith and her growing feelings for Jesus. As tensions rise in the village and rumors of Jesus’ divine nature spread, Abigail must make a choice between her loyalty to her family and her attraction to the charismatic rabbi. The book also delves into the political and social climate of first-century Palestine, shedding light on the challenges and conflicts faced by ordinary people during that time.

As the first installment in the Jerusalem Road series, “Daughter of Cana” sets the stage for a richly detailed exploration of the life and ministry of Jesus, as well as the impact he had on those around him. Angela Elwell Hunt weaves a compelling narrative filled with historical detail and emotional depth, creating a captivating portrayal of the life-changing power of faith and love.

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Roanoke: The Lost Colony (Keepers of the Ring, #1)

The Keeper of the Ring series by Angela Elwell Hunt starts with “Roanoke: The Lost Colony.” The book is a historical fiction, centered around the mystery of the disappearance of the Roanoke colony in the late 16th century. The story follows the character of Ananias Dare, a father and husband who is part of the group that settles in Roanoke. As the colony struggles to survive, Ananias struggles with his faith and internal conflicts. The novel also weaves in elements of romance and adventure as the characters navigate the challenges of their new environment.

The story is set within the historical backdrop of the early English colonization of America, providing a vivid portrayal of the era and the struggles faced by the settlers. The plot is driven by the mystery surrounding the fate of the Roanoke colony, and the characters’ personal journeys add depth to the narrative. With themes of faith, perseverance, and the human spirit, “Roanoke: The Lost Colony” offers readers a compelling blend of history, adventure, and emotional resonance.

The novel is the first installment in the Keeper of the Ring series, promising an engaging and immersive historical fiction experience that delves into the mysteries of the past while exploring timeless themes of love, faith, and resilience. Angela Elwell Hunt’s storytelling brings history to life, offering readers an intriguing and thought-provoking journey through the lost colony of Roanoke.

Judah’s Wife (The Silent Years, #2)

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Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #2)

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The Debt

“The Debt” by Angela Elwell Hunt is a novel that explores the theme of forgiveness and redemption. The story follows the lives of two women, Taylor and Becky, who are connected by a tragic event in their past. Taylor is a successful attorney who is haunted by her past and the guilt she feels over the death of her best friend. Meanwhile, Becky is struggling to make ends meet and raise her daughter after her husband’s death. When the women’s paths cross, they are forced to confront the debt they owe to each other and the choices they have made in their lives.

The novel delves into the emotional and psychological struggles of the characters as they grapple with issues of guilt, forgiveness, and the consequences of their actions. Angela Elwell Hunt skillfully weaves together the stories of Taylor and Becky, creating a compelling narrative that explores the complexities of human relationships and the healing power of forgiveness. Set against the backdrop of a small town in Georgia, “The Debt” is a moving and thought-provoking novel that will resonate with readers long after they have finished it.

In “The Debt,” Angela Elwell Hunt delivers a powerful and poignant story that examines the impact of past mistakes and the journey to reconciliation. The novel offers a compelling exploration of the human experience and the capacity for forgiveness and transformation. Hunt’s storytelling is both engaging and deeply moving, making “The Debt” a must-read for fans of contemporary fiction and those who appreciate stories of redemption and second chances.

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Who is Angela Elwell Hunt

Angela Hunt, a Christy-Award winner, is recognized for writing novels that are unpredictable and captivating. She has sold over five million copies of her books worldwide and has authored more than 150 works, including picture books and novels. Currently living in Florida with her husband and Very Big Dogs, Angela’s fascination with animals is evident. Her books have received numerous awards, including the Christy Award and the Gold and Silver Medallions from Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award. Angela’s love for writing and teaching is evident as she often travels to conduct writing workshops and attend writers’ conferences.

Author Angela Elwell Hunt

FAQs about author Angela Elwell Hunt

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