David Wingrove Books In Order | Full List 2024

David Wingrove is a British author known for his work in science fiction. He has written over 25 books, with a focus on the theme of future societies and human evolution.

David Wingrove Books in Order

  1. The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo, #1)
  2. Son of Heaven (Chung Kuo Recast, #1)
  3. The Broken Wheel (Chung Kuo, #2)
  4. The White Mountain (Chung Kuo, #3)
  5. The Stone Within (Chung Kuo, #4)
  6. Beneath the Tree of Heaven (Chung Kuo, #5)
  7. White Moon, Red Dragon (Chung Kuo, #6)
  8. Days of Bitter Strength (Chung Kuo, #7)
  9. Daylight on Iron Mountain (Chung Kuo Recast, #2)
  10. The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo Recast, #3)

Synopsis of David Wingrove Books in Order

The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo, #1)

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Son of Heaven (Chung Kuo Recast, #1)

Son of Heaven (Chung Kuo Recast, #1) by David Wingrove is a science fiction novel that takes place in a future where the world is dominated by China. The book follows the story of the Seven, a small group of powerful men who control everything from politics to business in this futuristic society. When one of the Seven dies, a power struggle ensues, leading to political upheaval and the potential for a new world order. The story also centers around a young man named Jiang Lei, who becomes caught up in the political intrigue and must navigate the dangerous landscape of power and corruption.

The novel paints a vivid picture of a dystopian future where power is concentrated in the hands of a few elite individuals, and the rest of society lives in poverty and oppression. The story explores themes of political power, corruption, and the struggle for autonomy and freedom. The book is the first in a series, setting the stage for a complex and compelling narrative that delves into the intricacies of power and control in a future world dominated by China.

Son of Heaven is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that combines elements of political thriller and science fiction to create a compelling narrative. The author, David Wingrove, creates a richly detailed world that feels both familiar and alien, drawing readers into a complex and immersive story. With its engaging characters and intricate plot, the book offers a compelling exploration of power and politics in a futuristic society.

The Broken Wheel (Chung Kuo, #2)

“The Broken Wheel” is the second book in the Chung Kuo series by David Wingrove. The story continues in a future where Earth’s surface is covered in layers of cities, and power is held by a few ruling families. The book focuses on the struggles of those at the bottom of society and their rebellion against the ruling class.

The story follows several characters as they navigate the complex world of political intrigue, power struggles, and personal relationships. The book delves into themes of social inequality, corruption, and the human desire for freedom. As the characters’ stories intertwine, the reader is drawn into a world of high-stakes politics and personal sacrifice.

Wingrove’s masterful storytelling and attention to detail create a vivid and immersive world that will captivate readers. The book explores the consequences of power imbalances and the lengths people will go to for the chance of a better life. “The Broken Wheel” is a gripping and thought-provoking installment in the Chung Kuo series.

The White Mountain (Chung Kuo, #3)

“The White Mountain (Chung Kuo, #3)” by David Wingrove is the third book in the Chung Kuo series. The story is set in a future world where China has become the dominant global power and the Earth is ruled by the Seven, a group of powerful families who control the world’s resources. The White Mountain follows the lives of various characters living in this dystopian world as they navigate the dangerous political and social landscape.

The protagonist, Ben Shepherd, is caught up in the power struggles of the Seven and the rebellion against their rule. As tensions escalate and violence breaks out, Ben must navigate the treacherous world of conspiracy and betrayal to survive. The novel is a blend of science fiction and political thriller, exploring themes of power, control, and the human spirit.

The White Mountain builds on the intricate world-building and complex characters introduced in the previous books in the series. Wingrove continues to weave a gripping narrative filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. As the story unfolds, the stakes get higher, and the characters face even greater challenges as they fight for freedom and survival in a world ruled by tyranny.

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The Stone Within (Chung Kuo, #4)

“The Stone Within” is the fourth book in the “Chung Kuo” series by David Wingrove. Set in a future dystopian world, the book follows the political and social struggles of a world dominated by a Chinese empire. The story focuses on the various power struggles between different factions within the empire, as well as the growing dissatisfaction among the oppressed population. As the tensions rise, the characters must navigate the complex web of politics, power, and rebellion to survive.

The novel also delves into the personal lives of the characters, exploring their relationships and inner conflicts. The book weaves together multiple storylines, offering a rich and complex narrative that keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. With its intricate world-building and compelling characters, “The Stone Within” is a gripping read that delves into themes of power, resistance, and the human spirit.

Wingrove’s writing is both vivid and thought-provoking, offering a powerful commentary on the nature of power and society. The book is a compelling addition to the “Chung Kuo” series, further developing the intricate and dystopian world that Wingrove has created. Overall, “The Stone Within” is a gripping and complex novel that will captivate fans of dystopian fiction and political drama.

Beneath the Tree of Heaven (Chung Kuo, #5)

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White Moon, Red Dragon (Chung Kuo, #6)

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Days of Bitter Strength (Chung Kuo, #7)

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Daylight on Iron Mountain (Chung Kuo Recast, #2)

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The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo Recast, #3)

“The Middle Kingdom (Chung Kuo Recast, #3)” by David Wingrove continues the sprawling epic of a future Earth dominated by the Chinese élite. In this third installment, various storylines unfold, including those involving the rebelling provinces, the political machinations of the powerful T’ang Corporation, and the struggle of various characters to navigate this complex and hierarchical society. As the tensions continue to escalate and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, readers are taken on a journey through a richly imagined world of intrigue, power struggles, and the eternal human quest for freedom and justice.

The novel delves deeper into the intricate power dynamics of this future world, exploring the conflicting interests and ideologies that drive the actions of its diverse cast of characters. The author continues to paint a vivid and detailed picture of this alternate reality, drawing on elements of Chinese history and culture to create a compelling backdrop for the unfolding drama. As the story unfolds, readers are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly following the twists and turns of the plot as the fate of the Earth is decided by the actions of its inhabitants.

“The Middle Kingdom” is a thought-provoking and ambitious work of science fiction that offers a fresh and engaging take on the genre. With its intricate world-building and complex characters, the novel offers a compelling vision of a future society and the struggles that define it. As the third book in the “Chung Kuo Recast” series, it continues to expand and deepen the world introduced in the previous volumes, promising an immersive and captivating reading experience for fans of epic speculative fiction.

Biography David Wingrove

David Wingrove, a British science fiction writer, is best known for his “Chung Kuo” novels, of which there are eight in total. He is also the co-author of the three “Myst” novels, written with Rand and Robyn Miller. After working in the banking industry for seven years, he attended the University of Kent, Canterbury, where he studied English and American Literature. Wingrove is a husband and a father of four daughters. He spent ten years writing over 300 unpublished short stories and 15 novels. His most notable work, a fictional project originally titled “A Perfect Art,” went through several name changes before becoming “Chung Kuo,” which was sold to 18 publishers worldwide. He released a prequel to the “Chung Kuo” series, titled “When China Comes,” in May 2009. Quercus Publishing also re-released the entire series in a new nineteen-volume set. He has plans for several new novels, including a first-person character novel called “Dawn in Stone City,” as well as three other novels with unique and contrasting themes.

Author David Wingrove

FAQs about author David Wingrove

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