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Edith Layton was an American author known for her historical romance novels. She wrote over 35 books, many of which were set in the Regency era. Her novels often featured strong, independent heroines and dashing, passionate heroes, and her writing was praised for its detailed historical accuracy.

Edith Layton Books in Order

  1. The Duke’s Wager (Bessacarr, #1)
  2. To Wed a Stranger (C Series, #6)
  3. The Cad (C Series, #1)
  4. Lord of Dishonor
  5. A Bride for His Convenience
  6. The Chance (C Series, #4)
  7. The Disdainful Marquis (Bessacarr, #2)
  8. The Abandoned Bride
  9. The Choice (C Series, #2)
  10. To Tempt a Bride (C Series, #7)

Overview of Edith Layton Books in Order

The Duke’s Wager (Bessacarr, #1)

“The Duke’s Wager” by Edith Layton is the first book in the Bessacarr series. The story follows the Duke of Wolverest as he meets a beautiful and intelligent woman named Lady Georgianna, who challenges his traditional views on marriage and love. As the two become acquainted, they make a wager that will change both of their lives forever.

The Duke, known for his devil-may-care attitude, finds himself drawn to Georgianna’s wit and strength. As their relationship develops, they must navigate the judgmental eyes of high society and confront their own personal demons. The book delves into themes of love, trust, and personal growth as the characters navigate the challenges of their unconventional relationship.

Layton’s writing is praised for its engaging storytelling and well-developed characters. Readers are drawn into the world of Regency-era England, complete with its societal pressures and romantic intrigue. “The Duke’s Wager” offers a compelling blend of romance and drama that will captivate fans of historical fiction.

To Wed a Stranger (C Series, #6)

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The Cad (C Series, #1)

“The Cad (C Series, #1)” by Edith Layton follows the story of the handsome and charming Viscount Stonehurst, known as “The Cad” for his notorious reputation with women. When he crosses paths with the independent and headstrong Miss Laura Fairleigh, he is immediately drawn to her, but she wants nothing to do with someone of his reputation. However, as they continue to encounter each other at various social events, Laura begins to see a different side of Stonehurst, one that challenges her opinions of him.

As Stonehurst and Laura’s paths continue to intertwine, they both find themselves drawn to each other despite their initial animosity. But as the secrets of Stonehurst’s past begin to come to light, Laura must decide if she can trust him with her heart and if he is truly capable of changing his ways. Set in Regency-era England, this novel explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the complexities of love.

“The Cad” is the first book in the C Series by Edith Layton, and it sets the stage for a compelling romance that is filled with passion, drama, and emotional depth. With vivid historical details and well-developed characters, Layton weaves a captivating tale of love and transformation that will keep readers engaged from beginning to end.

Lord of Dishonor

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A Bride for His Convenience

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The Chance (C Series, #4)

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The Disdainful Marquis (Bessacarr, #2)

“The Disdainful Marquis” is the second book in the Bessacarr series by Edith Layton. The story follows the main character, the Marquis of Bessacarr, who is known for being disdainful and aloof. He is forced to confront his own emotions when he falls in love with the independent and spirited Miss Antonia Smith. The two engage in a battle of wits and wills as they navigate the complex social norms and expectations of Regency-era England.

As the Marquis and Miss Smith struggle to overcome their differences, they find themselves drawn to each other in spite of their best efforts. The novel explores themes of pride, prejudice, and the power of love to transcend societal barriers. Set against the backdrop of the glittering society of Regency England, “The Disdainful Marquis” is a captivating tale of passion, power, and romance.

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Layton’s skillful storytelling and vivid descriptions bring the characters and their world to life, making “The Disdainful Marquis” a compelling and engaging read for fans of historical romance. With its blend of humor, drama, and romance, the novel offers a captivating glimpse into the lives and loves of the aristocracy in 19th-century England.

The Abandoned Bride

“The Abandoned Bride” by Edith Layton tells the story of Juliet, a young woman who is set to marry a viscount but finds herself abandoned at the altar. Instead of giving in to despair, Juliet decides to take control of her own life and sets off on a journey to become independent and assert her own agency. Along the way, she meets a handsome stranger, Lord Ross Carlisle, who becomes her unexpected ally and confidant.

As Juliet and Ross navigate their own personal struggles and dilemmas, they also find themselves drawn to each other in a way that neither of them expected. As their relationship deepens, they must confront their own fears and uncertainties, including secrets from their pasts and societal expectations. Despite the obstacles in their way, Juliet and Ross find themselves falling in love, but they must find a way to overcome the challenges that threaten to keep them apart.

“The Abandoned Bride” is a tale of romance, resilience, and the strength of the human spirit. Edith Layton weaves a compelling narrative that explores the complexities of love and the power of self-discovery. The novel delivers a powerful message about the importance of staying true to oneself and following one’s own path, even in the face of adversity.

The Choice (C Series, #2)

“The Choice” is the second book in the C Series, written by Edith Layton. The story follows the character of Sir Gareth Ludlow, who is faced with a difficult decision when he must choose between two compelling women vying for his affections. One is the beautiful, but flighty, Lady Hester, while the other is the intelligent and sensible Miss Lavinia Jeddings. As Sir Gareth navigates the complex dynamics of love, honor, and duty, he finds himself torn between his heart’s desires and the expectations of society.

The novel delves into the intricate social and romantic entanglements of the Regency era, exploring themes of love, loyalty, and personal and societal expectations. Through the vivid characterization and lively dialogue, Edith Layton paints a vivid picture of the tension between passion and convention in a time of strict social codes and rigid gender roles. As the characters grapple with their own emotions and the pressures of society, the novel offers a compelling exploration of the complexities of human relationships and the power of personal choice.

The Choice is a compelling and richly detailed historical romance that will captivate readers with its timeless themes and engaging storytelling. With its blend of romance, drama, and social commentary, the novel offers a thought-provoking exploration of love and duty in a society bound by tradition and expectations. Edith Layton’s masterful storytelling and richly drawn characters make The Choice a captivating and immersive read for fans of historical romance and Regency-era fiction.

To Tempt a Bride (C Series, #7)

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Who is Edith Layton

At the age of ten, Edith Layton wrote her first novel, filling a marbleized notebook with a story that sparked her passion for writing. After graduating from Hunter College in New York City with a degree in creative writing and theater, she embarked on a career in various media before settling down in suburbia with her husband and three children. Her eldest son, Michael, is a social worker and artist in NYC, while her other son, Adam, is a writer and performer for NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Her daughter Susie is a professional writer, comedian, and performer in television.

Throughout her career, Edith Layton became an award-winning author, known for capturing the spirit of historically distant places and people in her more than thirty novels and numerous novellas. Publishers Weekly called her “one of romance’s most gifted writers,” and she received several awards and nominations for her work. In addition to her writing, Layton was a dedicated volunteer for the North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill pet rescue and adoption organization. She passed away on June 1, 2009 from ovarian cancer.

Author Edith Layton

FAQs about author Edith Layton

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