Elaine Feinstein Books In Order | Full List 2024

Elaine Feinstein is a prolific writer known for her exploration of themes such as love, loss, and identity. She has written numerous books across various genres, including poetry, novels, biographies, and translations. Her work often delves into the complexities of human relationships and emotions, showcasing her insightful and empathetic storytelling.

Elaine Feinstein Books in Order

  1. Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet
  2. Anna of All the Russias: A Life of Anna Akhmatova
  3. Lear’s Daughters
  4. Pushkin: A Biography
  5. Cities
  6. Lawrence and the Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence
  7. The Russian Jerusalem
  8. Bessie Smith
  9. Talking to the Dead
  10. Marina Tsvetayeva

Overview of Elaine Feinstein Books in Order

Ted Hughes: The Life of a Poet

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Anna of All the Russias: A Life of Anna Akhmatova

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Lear’s Daughters

“Lear’s Daughters” by Elaine Feinstein is a collection of poems that reimagines the story of King Lear from the perspective of his three daughters. The poems delve into the inner lives of Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, giving voice to their experiences and emotions as they navigate their relationships with their father and each other. Feinstein’s lyrical and evocative language brings a fresh perspective to this classic Shakespearean tale, exploring themes of power, betrayal, and the complexities of family dynamics.

Through the poems in “Lear’s Daughters,” Feinstein offers a nuanced exploration of the characters of Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, shedding light on their individual struggles and motivations. The collection also delves into the broader themes of patriarchal power and the impact of societal expectations on women. The poems offer a feminist reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s play, giving agency to Lear’s daughters and portraying them as complex and multidimensional individuals.

Feinstein’s “Lear’s Daughters” is a thought-provoking and compelling reimagining of a classic literary work. Through her poetry, she brings new insights and depths to the characters of Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, and offers a fresh perspective on their roles within the story of King Lear. The collection is a must-read for fans of Shakespeare and poetry alike, offering a rich and immersive exploration of the complexities of family, power, and human emotion.

Pushkin: A Biography

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Lawrence and the Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence

Lawrence and the Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence is a biographical account of the famous author’s relationships with women. Author Elaine Feinstein delves into the private and personal aspects of D.H. Lawrence’s life, uncovering his complex and often tumultuous interactions with the women in his life. The book explores Lawrence’s many romantic entanglements, including his marriage to Frieda von Richthofen and his other significant love affairs. Feinstein also examines the impact of these relationships on Lawrence’s writing, shedding light on how his personal life influenced his literary works.

In Lawrence and the Women, Elaine Feinstein provides a nuanced and in-depth exploration of D.H. Lawrence’s intimate life, offering readers a fresh perspective on the renowned writer. Through extensive research and analysis, Feinstein paints a vivid portrait of Lawrence’s interactions with the women who played a significant role in his life, shedding light on the complexities and contradictions of his romantic entanglements. The book offers valuable insights into the ways in which Lawrence’s personal relationships shaped his artistic creations, giving readers a deeper understanding of the connections between his private life and his literary output.

Lawrence and the Women: The Intimate Life of D.H. Lawrence is a compelling and revelatory biography that offers a comprehensive look at the influential women in the life of D.H. Lawrence. Elaine Feinstein’s meticulously researched and engagingly written account provides an illuminating exploration of Lawrence’s personal relationships, shedding light on the legacy of the author and the lasting impact of his intimate connections with the women in his life. The book offers a valuable resource for readers interested in the life and work of D.H. Lawrence, providing a comprehensive and intimate portrait of the man behind the literary legend.

The Russian Jerusalem

“The Russian Jerusalem” by Elaine Feinstein is a historical and biographical exploration of the Jewish community in Russia, particularly in the city of Odessa. The book delves into the lives and experiences of various Jewish individuals, including writers, artists, and political figures, as well as the broader cultural and social atmosphere of the city during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Feinstein discusses the impact of pogroms, anti-Semitism, and the Russian Revolution on the Jewish community, shedding light on the struggles and resilience of the people in this tumultuous period. Through in-depth research and engaging storytelling, “The Russian Jerusalem” provides a comprehensive and insightful look at the rich cultural heritage and complex history of the Jewish population in Russia.

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The author, Elaine Feinstein, brings a personal and compassionate approach to her exploration of the Russian Jewish community. Drawing on her own family background and experiences, Feinstein offers a unique perspective that adds depth and emotional resonance to the stories she shares in the book. Through detailed accounts of individual lives and broader historical events, she paints a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs of the Jewish people in Russia, ultimately aiming to shine a light on a lesser-known aspect of Jewish history and culture. “The Russian Jerusalem” is a compelling and thought-provoking work that will appeal to readers interested in history, Jewish studies, and cultural exploration.

Overall, “The Russian Jerusalem” is a carefully crafted and impactful work that combines historical research, personal insights, and compelling storytelling to offer a comprehensive and engaging look at the Jewish community in Russia. Elaine Feinstein’s passion for the subject matter shines through in her writing, making the book an enlightening and valuable resource for anyone seeking to better understand the complex dynamics of Jewish life in Russia during a pivotal period of history.

Bessie Smith

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Talking to the Dead

“Talking to the Dead” by Elaine Feinstein is a gripping novel that follows the intertwining lives of various characters who are all connected in some way to a famed poet whose untimely death left behind a trail of mysteries. The story is set against the backdrop of World War II and the turbulent political landscape of the Soviet Union, offering a rich and evocative portrayal of the time period. As the characters navigate their own personal struggles and relationships, they are haunted by the specter of the poet’s death and must confront their own complicated emotions and secrets.

The novel delves deep into the complexities of human relationships, the enduring impact of trauma, and the ways in which the past continues to shape the present. Feinstein’s masterful storytelling weaves together a tapestry of interconnected narratives, each offering a unique perspective on the events that unfold. The prose is lyrical and evocative, painting a vivid picture of the characters’ inner worlds and the landscapes they inhabit. The novel explores themes of love, loss, and the enduring power of art and memory in the face of adversity.

Through richly drawn characters and intricate plotting, “Talking to the Dead” offers a haunting and emotionally resonant exploration of the ways in which the past continues to exert its influence on the present. The novel is an engrossing and thought-provoking read that offers both a compelling mystery and a profound meditation on the human experience.

Marina Tsvetayeva

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Biography Elaine Feinstein

Elaine Feinstein, a recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Leicester and a Newnham College, Cambridge alumna, has had a diverse and accomplished career. Before transitioning to a full-time writer, she held various roles, including editor at Cambridge University Press, lecturer in English at Bishop’s Stortford Training College, and assistant lecturer in English Literature at the University of Essex. Feinstein has also contributed to numerous periodicals, such as the Times Literary Supplement, and served as a Writer in Residence for the British Council in Singapore and Tromsø, Norway. With a background of Russian-Jewish heritage, she has been greatly influenced by Russian writers like Marina Tsvetayeva and Anna Akhmatova. Feinstein is also known as the author of several plays for television and radio, as well as biographies on figures such as singer Bessie Smith, writer D. H. Lawrence, Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, and Anna Akhmatova.

Author Elaine Feinstein

FAQs about author Elaine Feinstein

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