Jeffrey R. Holland Books In Order | Full List 2024

Jeffrey R. Holland is an American author known for his writings on religious and spiritual themes. He has written several books on topics such as faith, adversity, and the power of prayer. His insightful and uplifting messages have resonated with readers around the world.

Jeffrey R. Holland Books in Order

  1. Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments
  2. Christ and the New Covenant: The Messianic Message of the Book of Mormon
  3. Broken Things to Mend
  4. Trusting Jesus
  5. For Times of Trouble : Spiritual Solace from the Psalms
  6. However Long & Hard the Road
  7. To My Friends: Messages of Counsel and Comfort
  8. Created for Greater Things
  9. Shepherds Why This Jubilee
  10. Our Day Star Rising: Exploring the New Testament with Jeffrey R. Holland

Summary of Jeffrey R. Holland Books in Order

Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments

“Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments” by Jeffrey R. Holland explores the deep significance of three vital elements of the gospel: the soul, symbols, and sacraments. Holland delves into the importance of understanding and nurturing the immortal soul, as well as the power and meaning behind symbolic rituals and gestures in religious practice. He also discusses the spiritual significance of sacramental ordinances and their role in strengthening individuals’ relationships with God.

Holland emphasizes the transformative power of these fundamental aspects of the gospel and their ability to bring individuals closer to God and their own spiritual potential. Throughout the book, he provides insights and teachings that encourage readers to deepen their understanding and appreciation of these essential elements of the Christian faith. Drawing on scriptures, personal experiences, and spiritual teachings, Holland presents a compelling and enriching exploration of the soul, symbols, and sacraments in the context of religious belief and practice.

Through his thoughtful analysis and spiritual guidance, Holland offers readers a deeper understanding of the profound impact these elements can have on their lives and spiritual journeys. “Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments” serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to strengthen their faith and gain deeper insights into the core principles of Christian doctrine and practice.

Christ and the New Covenant: The Messianic Message of the Book of Mormon

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Broken Things to Mend

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Trusting Jesus

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For Times of Trouble : Spiritual Solace from the Psalms

“For Times of Trouble: Spiritual Solace from the Psalms” by Jeffrey R. Holland offers readers a collection of comforting and uplifting messages drawn from the Psalms. The book provides insight into the timeless wisdom and encouragement found in these sacred scriptures, offering solace and strength for those facing difficult times in their lives.

Holland delves into the Psalms to explore their relevance to contemporary struggles and challenges, providing readers with powerful insights and perspectives. Through his thoughtful commentary and reflections, he helps readers find comfort and guidance in the timeless words of the Psalms, offering spiritual solace and support for those navigating times of trouble.

With warmth, sensitivity, and profound understanding, Holland draws on the Psalms to offer hope, inspiration, and reassurance to readers. “For Times of Trouble” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking spiritual guidance and support, providing a source of comfort and strength rooted in the wisdom of the Psalms.

Overall, the book offers readers a deep and meaningful exploration of the Psalms, providing valuable insights and comfort for those facing challenging times in their lives. Drawing on his expertise and spiritual insight, Holland offers readers a sense of hope and encouragement, inviting them to find solace and strength in the timeless words of the Psalms.

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However Long & Hard the Road

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To My Friends: Messages of Counsel and Comfort

“To My Friends: Messages of Counsel and Comfort” by Jeffrey R. Holland is a collection of speeches and addresses delivered by the author, offering guidance and encouragement to his friends. The book covers a wide range of topics, including dealing with adversity, finding hope and healing, and strengthening faith. With his characteristic warmth and wisdom, Holland shares his insights and experiences to help readers navigate life’s challenges and find peace and purpose.

The book is organized into themes such as faith, family, and discipleship, making it easy for readers to find guidance on specific issues that may be affecting their lives. Holland’s messages are rooted in his deep belief in the power of love, forgiveness, and grace, and he offers practical advice for living a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether facing personal struggles or seeking to deepen their spiritual journey, readers will find valuable wisdom and inspiration in this heartfelt book.

Through personal anecdotes and powerful insights, Holland offers a message of hope and encouragement to his readers. His words remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that there is always reason to have faith and hope. “To My Friends” is a powerful reminder of the importance of love, compassion, and connection in navigating life’s challenges, and it serves as a comforting companion for anyone seeking guidance and solace.

Created for Greater Things

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Shepherds Why This Jubilee

John R. Lott, Jr., provides a powerful counter to the common assumptions about gun control in his book Shepherds Why This Jubilee. Drawing on extensive research and statistical analysis, Lott argues that more guns lead to less crime, challenging the prevailing ideology of gun control advocates. Through a comprehensive examination of the data, Lott demonstrates that gun ownership is an effective means of self-defense and a deterrent to criminal behavior. He addresses the flaws in current gun control policies and offers alternative solutions to reducing crime rates while preserving Second Amendment rights.

Jeffrey R. Holland’s Shepherds Why This Jubilee is a passionate defense of the traditional family. Drawing on his personal experiences and religious beliefs, Holland argues that the family is the foundation of a healthy society and that its decline has far-reaching social and moral consequences. He challenges cultural attitudes and government policies that undermine the family structure, advocating for a renewed emphasis on marriage, parenting, and moral values. Holland’s book offers a compelling argument for preserving and strengthening traditional family values in the face of contemporary challenges.

In Shepherds Why This Jubilee, Jeffrey R. Holland explores the power of forgiveness and redemption. Drawing on his own experiences and religious teachings, Holland shares inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome adversity and found healing through forgiveness. He emphasizes the transformative effect of forgiveness on personal relationships and spiritual well-being, challenging readers to let go of grudges and embrace compassion. Holland’s book offers a message of hope and healing, encouraging readers to seek and extend forgiveness in their own lives.

Our Day Star Rising: Exploring the New Testament with Jeffrey R. Holland

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About Jeffrey R. Holland

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland became a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 23 June 1994, after serving as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy since 1 April 1989. A native of St. George, Utah, he has dedicated most of his professional life to Church education, earning bachelor and master’s degrees from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree and Ph.D. from Yale University. Before this call, Elder Holland served as president of Brigham Young University from 1980 to 1989 and held positions as Church commissioner of education and dean of the College of Religious Education at BYU. He is also the author of several books, one of which was co-written with his wife, Patricia. Married in 1963, they are the parents of three children and the grandparents of 12 grandchildren.

Author Jeffrey R. Holland

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